Monday, March 13, 2006

‘The Divination of Marcus’ or: It's not just Saints and Dysons that Hover.

We travelled abroad last Thursday, to Israel.Tamara comes from there, and every so often she needs a dose of sunshine and warmth. She had not left our house in England more or less since the beginning of the winter, well certainly from the moment the temperature had dropped below 10 centigrade. It seemed therefore, a good idea to expose her to the sun and family who still live in various parts of Israel.

She packed most of the office, files, laptops, hundreds of cables, virtual phone system, wireless modem, etc etc. Then we came to her clothes, and the gifts. These were all packed flat in an immaculate fashion and three hours later, the suitcases closed, only to be re-opened as Tamara remembered we had a posh function to attend and “she had nothing to wear”.

Of course Marcus’s clothes were packed as well - into a small corner of one of the suitcases.

We arrived and for the first few days it was bleak, cloudy, windy and cold.

‘Its colder here than bloody England, why did you drag me halfway round the world to sit indoors miserable as sin’ Marcus was complaining, which was probably more due to the fact Israeli television was not showing the Arsenal - Real Madrid game, than anything else.

He was a right moan, dolefully hanging around the flat, cursing under his breath.

‘If you do not stop, I shall have you thrown off the top of this balcony,’ Tamara was losing patience.

Marcus leaned over the balcony, it was 7 floors above the ground, and not something he wished to encourage.

‘I’m not sure that’s healthy,’ he said, ‘but I could float around for a while.’

Which he did; causing considerable consternation, and much anguish to his beloved wife, and most of the neighbours, although he did say at the time,
‘this could be a great advert’