Thursday, March 09, 2006

Table Seeks Dining Room

Have you recently broken up with, or dumped your long-term dining table? Perhaps you have never hooked up with a dining table before? Our matchmaker community has a database of single dining tables looking for partners.

At other online furniture stores you search between the lines of bland descriptions, seeking the hidden hints that will connect you to your perfect match. If you have you been searching for that perfect dining table without success, then Against The Grain can help you.

Showcase of Featured Members Profiles

  • Dead butlers seek new position in household.
  • Doctor of anatomy offers spare parts, for unsupported tables.
  • Experienced table seeks knives and forks for late night laying.
  • Hand carved legs make outstanding table.
  • New table, offers self delivery.
  • Old men looking for exciting position under table.
  • Retired footballers want to support current position at top of table.
  • Table legs take shape.
  • Table runs away from broken home.
  • Table seeks dining room, prepared to travel.
  • Table seeks happy home, needs walking twice a day.
  • Table seeks interesting position in open minded household.
  • Table seeks interesting position, can be flexible.
  • Table seeks tablecloth for intimate moments, check before replying.
  • Two gentlemen willing to make sizable contribution to keep table up.
  • Unemployed table with itchy legs seeks chairs to help scratch a living.
  • Unshaved table looking for similar, to share room and board.

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